ALPHA OMEGA "Dark Tales of the Shroom" LP DIE HARD

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Dark tales of The Shroom“


ALPHA OMEGA landed on earth in 1999, being Space Rock to the shores of Brisbane Australia. ALPHA OMEGA are guaranteed to satisfy fans of the Hawkwind school of Space Rock .

brand new album,

The band just returned home after a few gigs in U.K., like KOZFEST & BeautyfuDays...



Vinyl factz:

limited to 490 copies


200 x black 180gr

145 x coloured * aside/bside – red/gold* 180gr

( 145 x special/DIE HARD edition
       * 3 x aside/bside - blue/white/orange * *+ mushroom patch)
 pressed in CZ


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Versandgewicht: 465 g
Versandgewicht: 465 g
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